About the Vietnam Interviews Project


The Hanoi Interview Project was financed by a $10,000 award in 2001 from the Freedom Forum to Professor A. J. Langguth at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communications.

After searching for an appropriate interviewer and after negotiations with the Vietnamese Government, the project elected in 2007 to send retired U. S. government employee Merle Pribbenow, who speaks and writes Vietnamese, to Hanoi to interview men and women who had joined their country’s resistance movement first against the Japanese, then the French and finally the Americans.

The choice of subjects depended on who had survived from that period and on their willingness in 2007 to take part.  The interviews were designed to provide a record for future generations of leaders who were important in the histories of Vietnam and the United States.  Copies of the interviews were transcribed to DVDs and sent to the Institute for International Studies in Hanoi and to the Annenberg School for Communications in Los Angeles.

Mr. Pribbenow also provided translations into English of the interviews and the capsule summaries that follow.

In placing the interviews on the web, it is the hope of the project organizers that they may be freely used by documentary makers and by other scholars internationally.  When these interviews are shown or cited, the organizers would appreciate credit be given to the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California.

For further information, please contact A. J. Langguth, Annenberg Emeritus Professor, at langguth@usc.edu